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Mientras paseaba con una amiga por un paseo junto a la playa por la tarde-noche… oímos gritos de unos señores que estaban pescando en las rocas (muy siniestro debido a que donde ellos estaban, estaba todo oscuro y solo se veían linternas en sus cabezas) ..sus gritos eran tales como eh guapas guapas eh que … Continued

“The whole scene made me happy-then, all of a sudden…”

I was out enjoying this gorgeous day down at Crissy Field and I was noticing how many different types of people were out there with me – different ages/races/backgrounds/etc – we were doing the same thing. I noticed this group of men with darker skin than mine with beards, speaking a language I didn’t understand, … Continued

“We want to see your legs”

[Title: “We want to see your legs”] I was walking back to my dorm with an armload of books my first weekend on campus and two men in a pickup truck yelled something to the effect of “Hey, what are you wearing? We want to see your legs!” (I was wearing my brand new “Bermuda … Continued

“Runners make a moving target”

I was running along University Blvd during broad daylight and two high school-aged boys drove by me and attempted to throw a fast food beverage cup full of ice at me. They missed. I wondered, as they drove away, if they would have thrown that at me if I was a man or if it … Continued

“Homophobic Slurs”

I was cycling with a male friend and we passed some road construction workers in North Liberty. He told me later that they shouted homophobic comments at him when he rode by. He was upset and confided that this happens to him a lot when he’s biking. [got_back]

“I was walking home from work…”

I was walking home from work when a guy on a motorbike drove onto the wrong side of the road so he could come up behind me and grab my ass. I get catcalls, stares and obscene gestures every day in Jakarta, but this was the first time I had been physically assaulted. [got_back]