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I regret being so polite

I was walking home from the subway and a man was walking toward me, carrying two duffle bags, one on each shoulder. We were walking straight towards each other. I moved a little to my right to get out of his way but he didn’t move at all and one of his bags hit me … Continued

scary, unsettling, upsetting, and demeaning

I stepped out of my office for a quick break just now and while I crossed the street in the crosswalk, a man running a light on a bike cut me off super super close, leaned in to my face and leered “maaaammiiiii” while making skeevy eye contact. It was startling and frustrating, especially because … Continued

1 Walk, 3 ‘Catcalls’

Decided to go on a nice walk from Ballard to REI in South Lake Union. Along the way, got catcalled, leered at, and “Heyy’ed” at at least 3 times. Figured I’d just bundle them all into one story..

angry, upset, frustrated

I was waling through Bristol Harbourside, England – popular part of the city, bars, restaurants, cafes, museums, etc.. – on my way to a meeting and a white woman shouted “oi you black cunt!” As she approached and then walked past me. I was actually stunned – to stunned to at first react. The moment … Continued

don’t you understand patriarchy?

I was waiting for the bus today when this guy pulled up his car and mumbled something I did not hear, but understood well, like probably any woman who walks on the street. I ignored him, so he said it louder. Suffice to say that it had to do with his cock, of which he … Continued


I never thought I’d experience this kind of harassment. I was walking on 34th and this guy riding his bike towards me stopped short right in front me. “Damn, you’re mad cute! You’re looking real good today!” I kept walking, hoping to pass him and he got on his bike, turned around and was riding … Continued

“Entertain Me”

On July 4 I stopped at this gas station to buy snacks. I was wearing shorts and a blouse and had my 6 year old daughter with me. The gas station attendant looked me up and down and said “Entertain me.” Everyone in line as well as my daughter could hear. It was creepy and … Continued