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HOLLA ON THE GO: Walking off of the bus…

Walking off of the bus two kids standing on the street look at me with paint on my clothes and say “don’t work so hard beautiful” and “I said leave me alone thanks” and then they shouted at me “you’re racist fuck” and I turned around and said “I’m not racist at all I don’t … Continued

Thank you for your support on Giving Tuesday

Hollaback! HQ Thank you so much for all of your support yesterday for Giving Tuesday. You showed up, showed out and it shows. Because of all of your support here is how we did: Held 5 Facebook fundraisers Facebook fundraisers raised a total of $3772 Alma fundraisers raised a total of $350+ We received over … Continued

Bystander Intervention @ the Dinner Table

Hollaback! HQ   Things can get escalated at the dinner table for some folks. The holidays are a time to connect with family — people who may or may not share your views — which can be healing. It can also be deeply triggering, particularly in family spaces when you are targeted for being who … Continued

What we learned from The People’s Supper.

Hollaback! HQ In October of this year, Hollaback! decided to step away from The People’s Supper — a project we co-founded in 2016 alongside our partners at Faith Matters Network and The Dinner Party. The People’s Supper was founded in the wake of the election with one mission in mind: to create spaces for folks who needed healing, … Continued


Hollaback! HQ The holiday season is a time for reflection, to be grateful and the time where many of us are surrounded by family. Our families are a compilation of people from all walks of life.   We at Hollaback! Are always about making sure you have the tools to be a prepared bystander in … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Être suivie

Il était 7 heures du matin et je devais me rendre chez une amie. J’ai décidé de marché. Il y avait une épaisse couche de brume ce matib la. Tout d’un coup, de l’autre côté de la route, un homme qui avait la trentaine à surgit. Il m’a fait des gestes obscènes et très explicites … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: I am in egypt

I am in egypt , and i have been sexually harassed in the streets since i was 12 ! but today i am telling a story about being bullied and called names by a group of women “beggars i think” for feeding a cat ! here beggars are organised and they are like gangs some … Continued

Staying Safe at your Turkey Trot Run

Everyone loves a good turkey trot. A fun time to run around in silly turkey-themed-gear prior to the big meal.   Although running gives us an endorphin-filled escape, for many people running doesn’t always feel safe. According to Runners World, 68% of women reported being harassed in public spaces like streets, trails, and parks.  We … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: I was walked past…

I was walking past an elementary school with my groceries. A man started saying disgusting, violating things about my body in front of the kids, so I turned around to ask him what was wrong with him. He then told me he was going to bash my head in and followed me until I got … Continued