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Pagi ini sekitar jam 11 saya…

Pagi ini sekitar jam 11 saya akan berjalan ke sekolah saya. Posisi saat itu memang jalannya agak sepi tetapi masih banyak kendaraan yang berlalu lalang. Ketika saya mulai berjalan memang saat itu agak hujan tiba-tiba dari jauh ada satu orang pria bermantol yang berhenti di depan saya tetapi waktu itu saya hanya berpikir positif mungkin … Continued

‘Hey, pretty, where are you going?’

I was walking down the street in the evening around 8ish in Jakarta. I was walking from my house to the market nearby, less than 1 km. Someone gave me a catcalling saying ‘Hey, pretty, where are you going?’. I was wearing long jeans, Tshirt and thigh-length Jacket and a scarf over my neck. I … Continued

Physical Harassment at the Mall

So I was at the mall buying gifts. I was wearing a skirt and it really wasn’t inappropriate in anyway either. Soon I noticed a man about my age staring at me quite a bit. I thought nothing of it however and went I am empty isle. That’s where he followed me in and sorta … Continued

A Week in Our Shoes: Hollaback! in full force

Happy Friday Hollas! We can’t believe it’s already December. The fall has been a whirlwind of constant news on sexual assault and harassment. The week, Time magazine put out their piece on Silence Breakers recapping some of the amazing voices behind the movement. It was awesome and inspiring. We have been trying to break the … Continued

“Society has taught me to fear for my safety”

I’m 13 years old, and I live in a small city in the country. On Monday nights I have a drama class from 6:00PM to 7:30PM. My mother drops me off but is unable to pick me up because by that time my brother and baby sister are asleep. So, especially in winter, I end … Continued

Me tomaron una foto

Pasaron unos chavos por enfrente de mi y según el tenía el celular en la mano. Yo estaba sentada en una banca en el jardín de San Pancho y cuando pasa el tiempo de chavos y pasan a mi lado y se activa el Flash del celular y yo me quedé solamente sin hacer nada … Continued

Just trying to grab a coffee

I just wanted to cross the street to grab a coffee. Two guys pull up in their beat up car and make missing noises.”Help us out, baby.” I ignore them. They pound on the sides of the car. “C’mon help us out, baby!” They’re screaming. I walk away. If anyone saw/heard. Did they care? Is … Continued

Harassed by teenage boys

I was walking home from my bus stop through my neighborhood this evening. I live near a high school, and see groups of teenage boys most nights coming home from work, and I usually avoid them if I can. Anyway, I was nearly home, and saw three, about 15 years old, heading towards me on … Continued

“It makes me mad and sad”

It was a Friday night around 8pm i was coming back from mcdo with my food when 3 men in a car scream at me :” Give your phone number slut !” I was so mad and not even shocked because it’s not the first time . It’s not normal that I can’t go buy … Continued