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“So many more stories”

I have been attacked, harrassed, on the street, at work, near family, near friends. So many times I can’t even count. By male Co workers, strangers, friends of family, bosses. A rapist tried to get in my car with a lie that he needed a ride to the hospital once. As young women, we are … Continued

Not a compliment

As I exited the gas station store after pre-paying, a man walked by and muttered at me sideways “He’s a lucky man …” in an admiring tone. It took me several seconds to realize he was talking to me, to process it was meant as a sort of compliment, that he meant someone was lucky … Continued

I think he was following me

I was walking toward the town center from home when this guy rounded the corner from behind a bush to tell me he thought my eyes were beautiful and that he saw me “over there” (gesturing back in the direction I’d come from) and just had to tell me. That put me on alert because … Continued


#Metoo. Obviously. Every post I see from a woman with this hashtag says something to the effect of, “Helloooo has no one been paying attention? Of course me too.”  But what’s interesting is no one seems the least bit surprised. So where do we go from here? When the Me Too hashtag came out, I immediately … Continued

Resisting Harassment

I’m waiting for the bus. Old guy walks by, says hi, so I say hi. This is what I’ve decided to do. They get a polite greeting, a chance to prove they are not actually harassing me. I’ve been wrong before. He says I’m “so cute.” (You know what? I AM. so there.) I said, … Continued

20 Incidents of Harassment

I am now retired. I can count more than 20 incidents of sexual aggression in my life. They left me terrified and disempowered. It has effected my life. For some reason I was always unable to tell anyone. Now I begin to feel that shame falling away. The disgust, the isolation, the revulsion, maybe now … Continued


One day I was walking on street an old man touched my ass I hold his hand and he ran away i shouted at him fuck you.


Construction workers yelled at me DAMN, HOT DAMN as I was jogging. On the way back I had to pass them again and I used the other side of the street, they still yelled at me. Literally such a cliche situation. I wish I could figure out their employer, I’d be complaining to their boss.


Same week, 2 different days: – on corner of my street, late at night returning home by myself. 2 men standing in doorway decide to say “good evening”. I give light nod and keep walking, never stopping. They respond: hey good evening means nothing, why don’t you reply back, it’s rude not to reply back. … Continued