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HOLLA ON THE GO: My friend was walking home…

My friend was walking home and a man in a silver car stopped to ask for directions. Then he asked for a favor. He asked my friend to watch him as he jacked off. He said he would pay her. And she wouldn’t even have to touch him. She said no and he persisted. Luckily … Continued


Man on 15th: Hey do you have a cigarette? Me (still walking): No, sorry, I don’t smoke. Him: You have a great body. Me (still walking away): That was inappropriate. Him: You do, you have a great body! Me (even farther away, but loud enough for him to hear): You are being super creepy right … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Salimos de fiesta unas amigas…

Salimos de fiesta unas amigas ya que íbamos a ir a celebrar mi cumpleaños , cuando a la vuelta a mi casa nos estuvieron acechando dos chicos borrachos gritándole cosas a una de nuestras amigas. Más tarde otro señor borracho nos estuvo amenazando por gritarle a los otros chicos que se fueran y se puso … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Grupo de hombres en la esquina de la plaza

Como siempre, cruzar la plaza lavapies es sentirte observada por todos los costados. No una, si no varias Veces, he sufrido acoso verbal del estilo:oye guapa me encanta tu look, te acompaño?… ESTOY HARTA Like always, crossing the plaza lavapies means feeling watched from all sides. Not once, but multiple times I’ve suffered verbal harassment … Continued


Two men in a car started harassing me, saying I looked like a baby Roseanne. They made disgusting comments about my body, what they wanted to do to me, taking about their dicks, and telling at me to get in their car. Both of the men tried to get my eye contact my shouting louder … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Aku dilecehkan dengan saudara sendiri.

Aku dilecehkan dengan saudara sendiri. Sepupu tepatnya. Pelaku umurnya 11 tahun dan saat itu mau naik kelas 6. Aku pulang kampung dengan ayah dan 1 adik perempuanku. Tinggal ke rumah tante dengan 2 anaknya, kakak perempuan dan adik laki2. Ayahnya sudah nggak ada. Cerai dengan nggak baik. Si pelaku ini manja, ngerengek, kasar dan betein. … Continued