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Join Us during 16 Days of Activism

Looking for ways to participate in the 16Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign? This initiative gives us an opportunity to speak up and join the movement to fight against gender-based harassment. Beginning November 25 (International End Violence against Women Day) and running through December 10 (International Human Rights Day), this campaign aims at raising … Continued

Public Harassment: I was walking on the street…

I was walking on the street on the way to a dance competition and some guy on a motorcycle whistled at me and winked while I was walking and drove away. I didn’t have time to respond and it just brought down my mood in a second. It’s the second stress harassment I’ve experienced in … Continued

Online Harassment: There was a man on facebook

There was a man on facebook who wanted to work with me on a musical basis. I told him I wasn’t interested. He then proceeded to write that I was a “cunt” all over my fb music page. I feel good, because I commented on his mom’s post before blocking him… about his behavior… I … Continued

Public Harassment: Followed home…

A man followed me when I was waking my dog in the morning. He stared at me from across the street while I went inside, and then came to my house and tried to get into the yard. [got_back]