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Followed on my daily walk

I walk from Saint Nicholas Avenue on 149th street in Harlem toward Broadway almost everyday for work. One beautiful summer day, I began that walk to catch the 1 train in order to get to an audition downtown by 1:30. I’ve always been able to trust that walk. Tune out and focus. When I crossed … Continued

New submission from Clary

It’s a tradition that me and my mother, as creative writers, go to Barnes & Noble every Sunday. Once we arrived at the rather busy place, we found our seats, settled down, and my mom went to get in line to order some food. I had started typing on my laptop when a very suspicious … Continued

Overly persistent driver

I don’t even know if this is harassment…all I know is that since is happened I can’t stop thinking about it. The whole thing makes me very uncomfortable. I flew into Heathrow on Saturday evening around 9:30pm after a quick trip home. I requested a car from a very well known App, and the driver … Continued

Mary’s Story: 3rd time is not the charm.

Three instances around the same area in Chelsea: 1. On my way to the mailbox before heading home- Random Guy 1: Hey, I like your sunglasses! Me: Thanks! RG1: Hey, can I ask you a question? Me: Uh? RG1: I’m having a party next weekend, do you want to come? Me: Uh, no that’s okay, … Continued

Lisa Schaefer’s Story: Running into Problems.

Harassment is a frequent problem for runners. I occasionally announce to other men on the trail (because there aren’t as many women & they already know it anyway) that “The guy I just passed is creeping me out.” Today I was fortunate that one of the men near the trail was a uniformed police officer. … Continued

Maggie’s Story: Tourist Troubles

Visiting family in CA and they convinced me to tour Golden Gate park alone, immediately knew it was a bad idea when I got off the bus. As I wandered in, I accidentally made eye contact with a man walking with a group of friends. Sped up and looked straight ahead but he moved over … Continued