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Media Hubris Dodges Real Look at Sexual Violence

By VIOLET KITTAPPA Much of the media attention this week on the sexual assault committed against reporter Lara Logan in Cairo has been filled with two strains of hatred—misogyny and racism—and supported by ill-informed and undeserved measures of American superiority in gender equality. In place of meaningful examination of the crime has been flippant commentary … Continued

Last call for badass bloggers!

Armchair revolutionary and badass bloggers wanted! Deadline to submit material for consideration is tomorrow, February 11 by 2:00pm EST. Please email letter explaining your interest and qualifications as well as a blog post for publication to [email protected] Bloggers will be selected for diversity of voice, clarity of writing, and overall badassness.

Head of complaints department complains about Film 678

Film 678, a stark portrayal of street harassment by director Mohamed Diab (currently showing in Egyptian cinemas), is causing growing discomfort among Egypt’s top offices. Bureaucrat Mahmoud Hanfy Mahmoud, head of the complaints department at the Egyptian Association for Human Rights and Social Justice, has filed an official complaint about the film, citing potential harm … Continued

India and Korea release harassment numbers, revealing problem’s pandemic proportions

Two new studies came out this week, solidifying growing global anti-harassment sentiment and activism as forces to be reckoned with. Studies cross-posted from Holly Kearl at Stop Street Harassment: #1: In a study of 828 salaried employees in an unnamed city in Korea, 43 percent said they experienced sexual harassment during their commute, and 79 … Continued

The Harasser, The Toad, And The Goddesses’ Daughter: A Tale For Women | by Erik Kondo

Satire can be a powerful artistic form used to change bad human behavior. It uses irony, wit, and ridicule to attack human vice, folly, and foolishness. “As such, it is a tool that can be used to defeat street harassment,” writes blogger and self-defense guru Erik Kondo. “Satire can be used to deny and refute the power … Continued