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HOLLA ON THE GO: Hug demanding creepers

I was walking through the parking lot with a female friend and a couple of guys followed us, demanding that we give them a hug. We said no and they kept saying “Come on, give us a hug!” They followed us until my friend said something to another guy we were passing, telling him that … Continued

Jess’s Story: Workplace harassment

I’m 18 years old and a 16 year old coworker at my job thinks it’s hilarious to call me “babe” and always comments on how I look. He once said “what are you doing after work? Oh wait I already know, you’re coming home with me”. I used to think it was funny, but it’s … Continued

Kasadee’s Story: “I walked as fast as I could”

Earlier today I was walking to my friends house and I had my music playing, I only had one headphone in so I could hear my surroundings. I am a generally anxious person while walking alone at night. As I was walking I could hear in the distance some guys yelling across the street. “HEY! … Continued