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Karunya’s Story: “I am harassed like clock work”

Right now I am sitting on my bedroom floor, because I’m scared—I don’t have to stamina to go outside today. I don’t want to hear another “hey sexy” or “look at me gorgeous” again. I have only lived in New York City for a few months now, and have come to hate going outside alone. … Continued

Rachel’s Story: “I was livid”

Two friends and I were walking in town at around midnight going to a bar when two older men started speaking loudly about us. They were walking towards us saying “which one do you think is the hottest?” ect.. One of my friends said excuse me and I don’t remember what exactly was said but … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Not your possession

I was walking down the street, holding hands with my Dad. A driver in a passing car evidently mistook us for a couple, and shouted at my Dad “Hey mister, nice bird”. What really annoyed me was that he was complimenting my Dad on having a nice possession, in the same way one may say … Continued

Abby’s Story: Customer harassment

I was working one Friday night until close. Throughout my 5 hour shift, 4 men had stopped at my desk to talk to me. After a certain point (usually after 45 minutes of them standing there) I would kindly say that I needed to get back to work and EVERY SINGLE ONE stayed and kept … Continued