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20 Incidents of Harassment

I am now retired. I can count more than 20 incidents of sexual aggression in my life. They left me terrified and disempowered. It has effected my life. For some reason I was always unable to tell anyone. Now I begin to feel that shame falling away. The disgust, the isolation, the revulsion, maybe now … Continued


On my very first day of living in Sacramento, a man drove up behind me while I was pumping gas and kept yelling something inaudible at me. I ignored him for several minutes but he was persistent and started to get angry at me. So I turned around and pretended like I had no idea … Continued

Harassed on the bus

On my usual route to work, I was subjected to 20 minutes of sexually explicit whispering and moaning, accompanied by a man touching himself through his clothes. This was my first experience of this kind of overt harassment. I didn’t know what to do. So I did nothing. I should have told the bus driver. … Continued

Back-to-Back Hollaback!

I literally just finished posting my last story and it happened again. A gross, unwanted “hello” by a guy who made it a point not to step aside as we were both crossing the same part of the sidewalk so he could get close. The sun is out and street harassment season is definitely here.

Not just a conversation

I was walking down the street with my friend (female) and a guy starts walking alongside us and saying we should all go on a date. I responded with “we don’t want to be harassed” He stopped following us and we kept walking, and as we were walking he said something about how he wasn’t … Continued