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Valentine’s Story: Subway Stalker

It happend one day I left work, when I was walking back home. I was waiting for the subway, when I realized that one weird man was looking at me. I had this strange feeling with that man and I forbide myself to look at him. I decided to ignore him. Then came the subway, … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Sat in his car for hours

Gentleman in a black Dodge Charger with the white racing stripes sits across from the Turnberry apartments condos. Sat in his car for hours and hours watching the place. Vandalism and stalking in the area. Picture shows headlights. These headlights are parking lights on

HOLLA ON THE GO: Stalking in the parking lot

Stalking from CVS and Sleepys parking lot overlooking Turnberry. Black or dark blue Jetta, 4 door, New York license plate. Young male with glasses. Got behind and took a picture of his license plate. He took off soon as I got near him texting someone else. Stalking and vandalism in the area Queensbury, New York, … Continued