Category: Stalking

“He only saw me as a sexual object”

This was when I was in High school, so 2 years ago… There was a man, one year older than me that I never spoke with, never noticed, who that suddenly had a crush on me. He began to ask my very close friend questions about me, going to the theatre’s club just to see … Continued

I was followed while walking alone at night

I was walking my dog between 9:30 and 10pm. My dog heard something and turned around to look. There was a man in dark pants and a dark jacket with a fur trim walking slowly and quietly behind us. He showed every intention of continuing in this manner until my large dog gave him a … Continued

Éconduit à la poste

Mon amie sortait le chien ce matin, éconduit un homme devant la poste et continue sa route , l’homme la suit en voiture , peut être pensait il avoir plus de chance en voiture…..Non c’est non messieurs!!!

Followed Home…

I was followed home the other night in my city Toronto while walking home alone after midnight. The man was scary and threatening and I could feel his steps quickening as I approached my house. As I turned to run inside he glared at me and walked by very slowly. I couldn’t leave the house … Continued

They asked if I was OK. I said no

Turning into avenue orban walking to the swimming pool a man started gesturing to me. I kept walking headphones in. He caught up and got very close to me, telling me I was pretty. I kept walking but he followed, still trying to talk to me about the way I looked. He began getting annoyed … Continued