Category: Nonverbal Harassment

Don’t stare, that’s not okay!

While walking to my local bus station, I walked past a man who stared at my lower body and made a comment in a language I didn’t understand. As I looked back at him, he also looked back with a creepy grin on his face and I told him, “Don’t stare, that’s not okay!” It … Continued

We should and need to talk about it

I had a good day; a really great day, actually. After a couple months of hopping around from temp job to part-time job to freelance job, I had my first day at a great new company, where I can already see myself becoming invested and I’m excited for what’s to come. After work I went … Continued

I regret being so polite

I was walking home from the subway and a man was walking toward me, carrying two duffle bags, one on each shoulder. We were walking straight towards each other. I moved a little to my right to get out of his way but he didn’t move at all and one of his bags hit me … Continued