Category: Nonverbal Harassment

Harassed at the Gym/Workplace

I was working at a fitness institute as a part-time worker, and a really creepy guy was working alongside me. One day while I was getting supplies from the storage room, he saw me inside and came in. He closed the door behind him and locked it. I had no idea what to make of … Continued

“They could tell we were scared of them.”

I am 13 years old. I was fooling around with one of my friends at a park and another one of our friends (11 fucking years old) and she got whistled at by about nine teenage boys. She flipped them off and continued on her way. Two minutes later one of the boys came around … Continued

“What’s wrong with these people?”

What I hate about going out to busy places such as the grocery store are the flirty stares, the sexual slurs, the whisperings, the scary smirks. They’re all like predators who just found a piece of meat, ready to attack. What’s wrong with these people? And oh, I’m wearing a plain shirt, jeans and shoes.

“I just couldn’t shake the feeling it left.”

To be honest I’ve experienced harassment since I was about 11 years old.. With long light blonde hair and blue eyes.. I remember even at that age people commenting on me, my appearance. My body .. And how I looked especially men and wanting to touch it.. I’ve received all types of harassment .. Some … Continued