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Lighthearted Terms for Harassment Impede Progress

By MELISSA FABELLO I was living in India during its last festive season, which includes the celebration of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, arguably the most important holiday in the nation.  We (the other Westerners with whom I was living and I) were warned by our Bengali counterparts to be careful. Diwali, after all, is … Continued

Midtown Hard Hats New Hollaback Heros

By JESSICA DELFINO If you’ve never gotten a “Hey baby,” then perhaps you’ve heard a “Yo mommy” called out in your direction by a man who is getting paid a lot of money to be doing an actual job, and not trying to solicit a blow job. An old comedian friend of mine, Liz Laufer, … Continued

To Be (Anonymous) or Not to Be (Anonymous): Women in Technology

By ARIANNA REICHE “I know, rationally, that random insults are exactly that,” says Grace. “But I still find it hard to brush off. Maybe I’ll grow that thick skin, but I don’t feel that the onus should be on me to do so.”” “The first rule is: try to avoid pronouns.” A tall order, especially … Continued

Voices: Girlfriend and Girlfriend, Actually

By MELISSA FABELLO “The difference between being hollered at as a woman and being hollered at as a lesbian is simple: in the former, men are trying to obtain you; in the latter, they’re trying to change you.” We were at the county fair—me, with my long, flat-ironed brown and pink hair, skinny jeans, and … Continued

Review: Dimitri The Lover? I Think Not.

By LANI SHOTLOW-RINCON Not only do we already have societal victim blaming and violence against women, now these issues are compounded by play acting that trivializes both the seriousness of misogyny and its effects on society as a whole. Remember Dimitri the Lover? Well, he’s making a movie. James “Dimitri the Lover” Sears became an … Continued

Op-Ed: Who’s the Misogynist Now?

By NICK VAN der GRAAF “…for all the moaning about Islam, the West’s cultural practices vis-à-vis women leave a lot to be desired.” Over the last few years I have watched as the Spectre of Islamic Doom has been steadily broadcast across Western society. The result has been less than helpful, to say the least. … Continued

Op-Ed: What Is International Women’s Day, Anyway?

By ERIKA K. DAVIS Today marks the 100th anniversary of a universal holiday that has traditionally been hardly acknowledged in the United States, let alone celebrated: International Women’s Day. Since its inception in the early 1900s in Europe and the late 1970s in the US, International Women’s Day has taken a back seat to larger, … Continued