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Wanted to yell, but nothing would come out

On my way from walking into the town centre, I was passing by The Maze which is near the Forest Fields. I was on the phone to my partner at the time engrossed in our conversation. I had my head down looking at the floor and my free hand in my pocket, at this point … Continued

Hallway harassment

This group of guys from school always harass me in the halls saying things like “hey babe” “come here sexy” and sometimes even try to grab me or put their arms around me and then they just laugh. I know the teachers won’t care because one time I was walking through the halls trying to … Continued

his conversation is DISGUSTING

I was studying in a park a couple of months ago and this down and out guy sat next to me and rambled about how he’s been let down by women… Eventually asking if I’d be his woman? I told him I have a boyfriend and walked away. I bumped into the same guy today … Continued

Felt Up at the Movies

In a pretty empty theater, a guy asked if he could sit in the seat next to me and partway through the movie, I felt like there was something brushing against my thigh. I didn’t know what it was or if it was part of the seat, so I just moved around but it happened … Continued