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“We were on a crowded street car.”

I was 13 years old and on a summer vacation with my family in Budapest. We were on a crowded street car. Some man reached out from behind me and grabbed my vagina. I was horrified and so humiliated. I grabbed his hand and twisted it. I told my parents but they did very little. … Continued


The bus wasn’t busy at that time, i saw an old man. A smelly old man with his back suffering kifosis just got on the bus. I recognized him as a man who had harasssed me twice. First, its a small gesture in my skirt. I was shocked but he kept calm and be like … Continued

Harassed by teenage boys

I was walking home from my bus stop through my neighborhood this evening. I live near a high school, and see groups of teenage boys most nights coming home from work, and I usually avoid them if I can. Anyway, I was nearly home, and saw three, about 15 years old, heading towards me on … Continued

Groped during rush hour

Today I was in overcrowded rush hour KRL as I always do after work. I was surrounded by men, and as every little movement caused by the train made my whole body pressed tighter to theirs, I felt really uncomfortable. I thought to myself that I was really unlucky, usually there would be female around … Continued

Luego me tocó una teta

Esperando en Feliz Feliz, frente al magaly, un tipo se detuvo a decirme vulgaridades. Luego me tocó una teta y cuando le grité que era un cerdo se fue caminando súper tranquilo como si nada hubiera pasado.