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J’s Story: Avoiding at the Airport

I was sitting at the gate waiting to board my flight when a group of men and one woman sit near me. I was listening to music and trying to watch a video that my friend had sent me when I noticed the men kept trying to interact with me. I wasn’t sure if I … Continued

K’s Story: Leering Lads

I was exiting Dollar Tree when I noticed two men (30’s or so) staring at me and muttering to each other as they entered another store. I walked across the street to another business, and was recommended to the store back across the street. I entered, got the estimate I was looking for, and I … Continued

Fern’s Story: A Very Stressful Morning

I was walking through Cal Anderson Park after a very stressful morning. I walked past some guys sitting by the water fountain. They yelled at me and called me beautiful and told me that I sure have a pretty smile and they would be happy if I smiled for them all the time. I did … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Bicycling Menace

I was walking back to where my boyfriend was working on the truck, hoping no one would yell at me, but then some guy starts talking to me from behind. He rolls up in a bicycle asking me questions. I try to ignore him but finally tell him to fuck off. He, of course, doesn’t. … Continued

Alex’s Story: Bookstore Creeper

I’m a freshman, and my school’s campus is in the center of my city’s CBD. So I leave school when the bell lets out, I start walking down the street, and almost immediately i notice some older guy is walking behind me in an almost forcefully casual manner. He’s a ways off behind me, so … Continued

K’s Story: Halting Hollaback!

I have very short, bright red hair and people often compliment it. A guy with his two friends, a very affectionate married couple, said he liked my hair. I said “thank you” and kept walking. He added “grow it longer, it’s too short to pull on now.” I stopped, turned, and completely dead-pan asked “why? … Continued

Katie’s Story: Filing for Freedom

I was in the library of the University of Central Oklahoma, working on a research project for one of my classes. This guy was sitting about two computers down from me, about twice my size. He was giving me the creeps because I could see him staring at me, so I shut down the computer … Continued

Renee’s Story: Poison Kiss

It was my junior (and first!) prom, and I was super excited to be going. My friends and I agreed to meet outside of the building where prom was held, to take pictures and head to dinner. The girls and I were about to head across the street to get dinner when a truck full … Continued