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Keanne’s Story: Holding My Own

I was walking home from the bus stop, dressed conservatively in a tank and long jeans (in 80 degree weather just to avoid this type of shit)when a man I was passing at another bus stop interrupted my headphone enjoying to say “Hey baby,whatchoo doin’ today? Where you headed?” I responded by saying loudly “Stop … Continued

Hannah’s Story: Brave Bystander

I go to a middle school and in my art class we were glazing our pottery and this one obnoxious guy came up to this girl and started to ask her questions that made her very uncomfortable. These were innapropiate questions that no one should ask ever such as “are you a whore?” “are you … Continued

Sarah’s Story: “Yeah, right”

I live in Jakarta Indonesia, and I, like many others who live here, are considered ‘ExPats’. I was born in the states but I’ve traveled my entire life so I’m use to being considered an novelty. I got use to obscene catcalls and slurs thrown at me for being what most indonesians refer to as, … Continued

Kate’s Story: Cash Register Creeper

I was at a local grocery store a few years ago and a 30-40 year old man got behind me in the check out line. He was talking on his cellphone and then apologized to me for being rude and stated that he was French. I said it was fine and he kept making small … Continued

Renee’s Story: Serious Stalker

During my first year of graduate school, I was in charge of a residence hall as part of my graduate assistantship. Because of my position, I was expected to be helpful and friendly to the residents, and to be readily available as I lived in the dorm. It was about 1:30 in the morning, and … Continued

Maggie’s Story: Valiant Victory

I was leaving my bank the other day and a man standing outside yelled “Hey pretty lady!” I ignored him and started to walk away, he said “Oh, no love? How about a kiss then?” I said “Fuck no,” and turned around to walk away. I got two steps when he screamed “BITCH!” The sidewalk … Continued

Skye’s Story: “Let’s end this shit!”

Sorry guys, this a long one. I have a lot to vent about today! I have experienced street harassment on a regular basis since I was thirteen years old. Since the tiniest hint of a figure first appeared on me, I have been cat called and wolf whistled at more times than I care to … Continued