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Rachel’s Story: Halloween Horror

I’m older now but I was about 10 or 11 and my friend and I were trick or treating one Halloween around our small town with her sister and her friends. My friend and I went a different direction from the rest of the group and decided to meet back at her house, and being … Continued

Taylor’s Story: Disgusting Denver Dudes

Lets start out by saying that I am 18, and the friends I was with were 17 and 19 and I personally look to be around the age of 15. We were watching street performers at the 16th Street Mall one day when a group of men much older than ourselves walked by. I’m very … Continued

Sarah’s Story: “She was mortified”

This is my daughter’s story. When she was 18 she visited Israel with her senior class at her school. Before they left for the Middle East she was told that they all needed to “blend in” as best they could. They needed to wear extremely modest clothing. She is a very light-haired natural blonde, with … Continued

Devon’s Story: The Third Option

Walking to the public library, guy in a satellite truck honked at me. I flipped him off. Walking home, same guy honked again; I flipped him off again; and two other guys-in-vans waved and hollered a few cars later. I’m looking for a third option…like calling their bosses, mothers, proctologists, and child support officers. [got_back]

Emily’s Story: “catches me offguard”

This is an online hollaback to a person who probably created a fake profile just for harassment purposes considering his profile name is Jon Smith. I think he might have seen my post on a feminist pro-body hair fan page called “F*ck Shaving” where women posts pictures of their hairy selves. I posted something like … Continued

Stephanie’s Story: Sleazy Scumbag

So a few months ago I was waiting outside at school for my ride one morning when this dude starts hitting on me hardcore. He’s telling me how cute I am and I’m trying to just ignore him, then he asks me if I have a boyfriend and I told him I did (even though … Continued

Vicki’s Story: Hot Tub Hollaback!

Today I was at my local indoor pool, looking after the two young boys I nanny for. While in the hot tub, I noticed two older boys, probably around age 13 or 14. The boys seemed to recognize one of the kids I was caring for from school, but he seemed very wary of them, … Continued

Kels’ Story: Evading the Enemy

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to leave the office a little earlier than usual. Leaving work, I hop on the metro, and once I arrive at the metro station, I have to take a bus home. Unfortunately, the bus drops me off at the bottom of a large hill, so I have a 10 minute … Continued

lo’s Story: Inescapable Idiots

I walked through a group of 30 year old men, and when they said hello, i returned the greeting, and immediately after i did a different man began shouting “you got some nice titties” over and over until his friend chimed in “and a real nice ass” [got_back]