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Bystander Awareness

I was walking home when I lived in New York and saw a woman walking by who I assumed is a neighbor. I was minding my own business and I saw a guy staring at the woman, I heard him making kissing noises and making derogatory remarks. I wish I did more, but I couldn’t … Continued

All women deserve respect. #BystanderSuccess

About three days ago I was walking late at night, I saw this lady┬ábeing mistreated and humiliated in public. Her “boyfriend” was screaming at her because she forgot something at home, just when this guy was about to hit her I get between them and stop the blow, I hate when stupid guys believe they … Continued

Intervening at a taco truck

I was hanging out outside a taco truck late one night. There were three of us, 2 cis-males and 1 cis-woman. Random guy approached our female friend and hollered at her with a “you’re lookin’ beautiful tonight.” My other male friend responded to him with a “you’re lookin beautiful too.” It was a small thing, … Continued