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Public Harassment: Today I had to…

Today I had to use skills I learned in a Hollaback training on bystander intervention. It’s enraging that this incident happened, but I’m very grateful to have felt prepared for it because of Hollaback’s work. I was sitting outside my neighborhood coffee shop this morning when I heard a loud voice yelling angrily, coming closer … Continued

“Party Creeper”

At a party last night, a man tried to kiss a girl, started chasing her after she rebuffed him. Everyone in the room intervened, kept him away from her on the dance floor until he gave up and left. Encouraged to see so many bystanders stepping in to help! [got_back]

Bystander Awareness

I was walking home when I lived in New York and saw a woman walking by who I assumed is a neighbor. I was minding my own business and I saw a guy staring at the woman, I heard him making kissing noises and making derogatory remarks. I wish I did more, but I couldn’t … Continued

All women deserve respect. #BystanderSuccess

About three days ago I was walking late at night, I saw this lady┬ábeing mistreated and humiliated in public. Her “boyfriend” was screaming at her because she forgot something at home, just when this guy was about to hit her I get between them and stop the blow, I hate when stupid guys believe they … Continued

Intervening at a taco truck

I was hanging out outside a taco truck late one night. There were three of us, 2 cis-males and 1 cis-woman. Random guy approached our female friend and hollered at her with a “you’re lookin’ beautiful tonight.” My other male friend responded to him with a “you’re lookin beautiful too.” It was a small thing, … Continued