Category: Bystander Fail

Masturbador público ebrio.

Iba tranquila en un bondi para mi casa, 8 meses de embarazo, micro atiborrado de gente un tipo sentado a mi lado masturbandose y nadie dijo nada, todos mirando el accionar del tipo e ignorandome a mi, era verano, traia una remera la cual además de mi pronunciada barrigota también acechaban mis senos pre parto.

The Silence of My Fellow Bus Riders

Everyday I ride the bus home from work, which takes about an hour. To pass the time I read books. Just today I got a call from my mother and chatted for about 15 minutes. When my phone call was over, I pulled out my book and started reading. All of the sudden I get … Continued

I Just Want People to Help

It was yesterday and some guy followed me, started talking to me, and grabbing my hand. I told him to stop and walked away and called my friend – mind you it was 4 in the afternoon and so many people were walking by and I was yelling at this guy to stop and no … Continued

Train Harassment… and Bystander Failures

some drunk asshole commented on all the “fine women” on the train. Then said “You can’t do that….what a beautiful view” when I turned around. On a train full of people NO ONE said anything to this freak. I was so upset I got off the train. I should have told him off. And told … Continued

Public Harassment & Failed Bystander Intervention

At the Yellowstone Art Museum. A guy about 5’11” with collar length hair, skull on his black tshirt, heavier build and a skinny guy with red hair and beard in a white tank top and their other male friend chased me into the parking lot yelling that they wanted to “fuck my pussy until it … Continued