Category: Assault

Harassed by Group of Men on NYC Sidewalk

I don’t know if you’d call them flashbacks, but I think about and relive the harassment I have endured. I try not to, but it happens more than I’d like. I’m choosing the attack I’m about to describe out of the 1000’s I’ve had because it complicates notions we have about abuses of power living … Continued

Attempted Rape In My Own Home

I moved from Maryland to Niagara Falls when I retired in 2012. The house is wonderfully secure, and I look forward to being here the rest of my life. One of the 10 windows in my house was open a bit to air out the guest room, and I had not engaged the little prongs on … Continued

Paintball D-Bags

A few years ago me and a friend were walking to another friends house at 3 in the morning. A car honked as it passed us, and not being one to take that, I flipped them off. They stopped their car, turned around, rolled down the window and pulled out what looked like a real gun. … Continued

Slapped by biker

I was walking home from the park and out of nowhere some guy on a bike slapped my rear-end really hard. Without a word, he kept on riding. I was so surprised, by the time I’d even registered what happened, he was too far away for me to do anything. [got_back]