Category: Assault


The bus wasn’t busy at that time, i saw an old man. A smelly old man with his back suffering kifosis just got on the bus. I recognized him as a man who had harasssed me twice. First, its a small gesture in my skirt. I was shocked but he kept calm and be like … Continued

Physical Harassment at the Mall

So I was at the mall buying gifts. I was wearing a skirt and it really wasn’t inappropriate in anyway either. Soon I noticed a man about my age staring at me quite a bit. I thought nothing of it however and went I am empty isle. That’s where he followed me in and sorta … Continued

Assaulted in the Underground

I was getting out of the Lisbon Chiado underground and a man, cross passing me, grabbed my bum. I look back and, as he was looking back at me too, I could see his face, but decided not to react at that moment. He then went on to turn back, went pass me again and … Continued