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You stood up for what you knew was right, and T-Mobile listened.

BY EMILY MAY AND VERONICA PINTO On Wednesday, September 14th at 5pm, Hollaback! started a petition to get T-Mobile to comply with the subpoena and release the contact information of a suspected rapist.  By 10am the next morning, 125 of you signed the petition, and T-Mobile folded. Never doubt that 125 individuals and an on-line … Continued

Rebecca’s Exciting, Subjective Thoughts on SlutWalk

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH So, SlutWalk. A movement whose name makes me cringe. I joined SlutWalk for the same reason I join many things: Desire, fear, half-conscious longing for union. But let’s zone in on that FEAR. Fear of what? Fear of oneself? Well, yeah, sure, but what else? Fear of… Dudes. Yeah. Dudes. The … Continued

No lesbian passengers allowed

HOLLAnote: We’re reprinting this from our friends at because, quite simply, it makes us rage.  As we at Hollaback! know all too well, discrimination is a day-to-day occurrence for so many people internationally.  But that doesn’t make it OK.  We all deserve to be who we are — on the streets and in the … Continued

We’re going Up and UP. Won’t you come along?

A Lady Leader Arrives from Kristen Dolle on Vimeo.   BY EMILY MAY When I became ED of Hollaback! last year I was 29 and was terrified. Everyone told me it was impossible to launch a nonprofit in a recession, especially one with a atypical model addressing a rarely-discussed issue. I knew no one with … Continued

Nicola’s Got Nerve

As the month of September draws to a close, many young students are already starting to focus on what their mid-term projects will be, coming to terms with that mystery meat served up in the cafeteria, and getting into the rhythm of heavy amounts of school work after a summer of freedom. This is the … Continued

The Gaze

BY ANNIE BOGGS Are you familiar with the concept of “the gaze”? The gaze is a common term usually  spoken about in art or cinema, yet I think it’s most interesting in feminist film theorist  Laura Mulvey’s interpretation. Mulvey, in her article “Visual Pleasure and Narrative  Cinema,” says that films are another way for patriarchal culture … Continued

Too Much Doubt: Troy Davis & Our Jordan River

BY ALEX ALSTON I glued myself to my Droid, using Tweetcaster to keep me updated.  Riot police gathered outside of the prison where he was being held.  There were reports that even the Ku Klux Klan made an appearance in Jackson last night.  Indeed, the eyes of the world were on Troy Davis, the Supreme … Continued

A Tribute to Leslie Knope

BY ANNIE BOGGS This post is in honor of one of my favorite shows, Parks and Recreation, which returns for its fourth season this Thursday. (Yay!) Along with being hilarious, the show also shows gives us a rare subject in today’s network television shows — a female main character who is strong, complex and a … Continued