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Why I started loving hate mail.

BY EMILY MAY There is nothing like a fresh batch of hate mail to get me motivated.  Back when we first started Hollaback!, hate mail made me feel so crappy inside.  What can I say? I was socialized to be a girl and make everyone like me — even the people I didn’t really like.  … Continued

Our choice of how to view street harassment matters

By Laurel Long for Hollaback Bmore! In January of 2011, I started working on an undergraduate thesis on street harassment. This began with me reading everything I could get my hands on about street harassment. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of academic literature on the topic; what few articles do exist tend to be … Continued

Introducing our first annual “State of the Streets Report”

We’ve had an incredible year, and we want to celebrate it with you. Without you, none of this would have been possible. With you, everything is possible. Thanks for everything. We can’t wait to see what we create together in 2012. Open publication – Free publishing – More lgbtq

The 12 Days of Hollaback!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our HOLLAday party this year! You can check out the photos from the event on Facebook, here.  Happy HOLLAdays from all of us at Hollaback! On the First day of Christmas, Hollaback! said to me It’s my right to walk-safely! So on the second day of … Continued

Sexy or Sexism? You Decide On This Fall’s Television Line Up

BY SARA SUGAR Jointly launched by The Women’s Media Center and, the Sexy or Sexism? campaign is redefining sexy and identifying sexism. This season, the campaign is bringing to the forefront the prevalent misrepresentation of women in the media. The campaign is monitoring the major television networks and their fall line-ups while providing a … Continued

Disgusting UVM Fraternity Questionnaire Sparks Outrage

BY SARAH M., cross posted from our partners at SAFER Today finds me crawling out of blog hibernation to point ya’ll to the latest installment of “College Boys Just Want to Have Fun…By Demeaning Women and Making Jokes About Rape.” Today’s episode takes place at the University of Vermont, where a puzzling and revolting survey … Continued

On Rape Humor: The Power of Allies

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH Rape jokes may not be the WORST source of feminist-hand-wringing, they do have an awful lot of competition with all those pay gaps, rolled-back abortion and LGBT rights, not mention dehumanizing objectification and all that darned pernicious, underreported sexism of street harassment and inconspicuous misogyny cleverly disguised as family entertainment. But … Continued


BY EMILY MAY Over the past year and half I have struggled, celebrated, struggled, and celebrated again in the process of getting Hollaback! off the ground. There were those first eight months when I didn’t get a salary and ate a lot of rice and beans (I hate rice). Then there was the ridiculous amounts … Continued

Back to Basics: What is Street Harassment?

BY VICTORIA TRAVERS Sometimes we have to return to the basics. It is important for us to explain exactly what constitutes “Street Harassment” for our new readers as well as consolidating the knowledge of our existing audience. I speak to many people that are aware, vaguely aware, unaware or totally unsure of what is appropriate … Continued