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Dr. Vajayjay’s! Privatize Those Privates!

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH Confused? Excited? Don’t worry. Dr. Vajayjay can fix that. The New View Campaign has put together a parody training video as part of its Vulvanomics activist event. In this video, we see an enterprising, unscrupulous, nominal doctor capitalizing on externally-created insecurities, sexualizing genital mutilation and effectively pathologizing female sexuality. His bumbling … Continued

HOLLAWho? Meet Birmingham.

Meet Zoe, the environmental advocate fighting street harassment in Birmingham, UK. Why do you HOLLA? I HOLLA because I’m sick of half the population being objectified and harassed in every sphere of their lives. Because street harassment is totally accepted and hardly ever confronted. Because this needs to change!! What’s your signature Hollaback? Leave me … Continued

Martin Luther King, Jr. Six Steps of Nonviolent Social Change

BY VICTORIA TRAVERS Today we take a moment to commemorate, salute and remember legendary figure of liberty and nonviolent change, Martin Luther King, Jr. All over the world King is hailed as one of civilization’s most significant figures of freedom, justice and equality. Until his death on April 4 1968, King was committed to the … Continued

Turkish Gay Honor Killing Drives Inspirational Movie

BY VICTORIA TRAVERS Turkish film, “Zenne Dancer” or male “belly dancer” in English, has not only received 5 Golden Orange Awards at the International Antalya Film Festival, opened the first gay film festival in the Turkey, but it is the first feature film to depict gay honor killing in Turkey. The film, which is out … Continued

A Week in Our Shoes

BY EMILY MAY Greetings Hollaback supporters and revolutionaries! This is the second of a new blog series we are doing to keep you posted on our efforts to end street harassment in the HOLLAworld!  This is of course just a snap-shot from the mothership. If we were going to try to tell you everything happening … Continued

Transphobia: The Unhappy Sister of Misogyny

BY REBECCA KATHERINE HIRSCH Libra, a New Zealand feminine hygiene company, recently pulled a tampon commercial off the airwaves (and Internet waves) when it received a spate of negative attention for its cis-sexist advertisement depicting “real women” and… the apparent alternative: trans women. It’s clear that the commercial is trafficking in stereotypes (“real” girl is … Continued

HOLLAWho? Meet Philadelphia.

Meet Rochelle Keyhan, the unrelentingly fierce activist fighting street harassment in Philadelphia, PA. Why do you HOLLA? I Holla because I’m a full human being, not a toy to be played with, or a punching bag for male insecurities. What’s your craft? I’m a lawyer. What’s your signature Hollaback? I give them a dirty look … Continued

Name It. Stop It: January is Stalking Awareness Month

BY HOLLABACK! January is National Stalking Awareness Month. Stalking is a serious crime that affects 3.4 million adults in the U.S every year. This campaigns aims to raise awareness of stalking so that more can be done to stop it. Launched in 2004 by the stalking Resource Center, National Center for Victims of Crime and … Continued

Bronx School Holds Rally to Oust Foul-Mouthed Principal

BY VICTORIA TRAVERS Angry School staffers and elected officials will hold a demonstration this afternoon outside Bronxdale High School in the Bronx to call for the Principal’s immediate removal following his outrageously sexually explicit comments to a female staff member in July. Principal John Chase Jr. was reported to have made several inappropriate statements to … Continued

Anti-alcohol Abuse Ad Blames Rape Victims

BY ELIZABETH GYORI Alcohol abuse and underage drinking are certainly problems faced by many teenagers and young adults across the U.S. We’ve all learned about the effects of excessive alcohol consumption in health class. With excessive drinking comes a decrease in motor skills, negative health effects on the liver, judgment impairment and the possibility of … Continued