Author: kirazmuda

HOLLAwho? Meet Alberta.

Meet Lauren Alston, the Rocker fighting street harassment in Alberta, Canada. Why do you HOLLA? I HOLLA because I am more than just body parts, because I’m not on this planet to please someone’s eyes, and so that street harassment doesn’t become accepted as part of what we get for walking down the street. What’s … Continued

HOLLAwho? Meet El Paso

Meet Cassandra, the Story Collector fighting street harassment in El Paso, Texas. What’s your signature Hollaback? I flare my nostrils, while staring creeps down. Sometimes, it involves my middle finger. You know, it just depends on what kind of mood I’m in. What’s your craft? Letting sexists/racists/homophobes know what the fuck is up. My superheroine … Continued

HOLLAwho? Meet Buenos Aires.

Meet Inti Maria, the Badass Painter fighting street harassment in Buenos Aires. What’s your signature Hollaback? A second and a half side eye. Makes ’em quiver. Why do you HOLLA? Because everyone has a right to enjoy city life to the fullest! What’s your craft? : I’m interested in art that finds it’s niche outside … Continued

HOLLAwho? Meet London.

Meet Bryony Beynon, the Vegan Cyclist fighting street harassment in London, UK. What’s your signature Hollaback? ‘YEAH GOOD ONE MATE.’ What was your first experience with street harassment? I’ve been shouted at in the street since I was fourteen years old for one reason or another, maybe pink hair means fair game. HOLLAfact about your … Continued

HOLLAwho? Meet Baltimore.

Meet Shawna Potter, the Guitar Guru fighting street harassment in Baltimore. What’s your signature Hollaback? The finger. What was your first experience with street harassment? I can’t even recall, I was that young. I started playing live music at 14, so I was “in the big city” a lot more than other kids my age. … Continued

HOLLAwho? Meet Atlanta.

Meet Crystal Rodgers, the Feminista Barista fighting street harassment in Atlanta. What’s your craft? Women’s Studies, professional student, and barista HOLLAfact about your city: Atlanta wasn’t always the state capital, it used to be Milledgeville.  Also, the World Barista Championship was held in Atlanta in April of 2010! My superheroine power is … I like … Continued