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He Tried to Grab Me

I was around market just trying to go to my program where a guy kept following me and wasn’t leaving me alone. It started bugging me but when he followed me each block and short cut I took he was there and he tried to grab me and I tried to defend myself getting away.

Harassed at work

This incident occurred at my place of work, but I am pinning where my abuser works instead, to see how he likes his place of employment disrupted. At 10th and Capital you will find a very energetic icon of Sacramento, Downtown James Brown. He’s a street musician, or rather impersonator know throughout midtown. He appears … Continued


I’m really busy and I don’t drive so I like to walk down the street eating food, mostly fruit in the summer. At least once a day some man will ask me for a bite, or if he can have some. Always with a sexual intonation in his voice. Mostly like “Hey ma, lemme get … Continued

Questioned about tattoos

[Title: Yeah, I have tattoos] I have visible arm tattoos and was being questioned about them despite my obvious uncomfortableness. After showing one of them he called me a nasty girl in a very sexual tone. Luckily the post office workers know me quite well and were watching to make sure he didn’t try anything. … Continued

Harassed on Amtrak

I could probably write a book just of the things men say to me on Amtrak. Tonight, the man seated next to me: – Decided to test my knowledge of Spanish by asking me if I could understand something his friend said to him when they were in Argentina – which was “tonight we’ll go … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: Legislative Action

What’s up hollas?! We’ve been busy the last few weeks meeting with legislators and members of government from here in the U.S. to all the way up to Canada! Here’s what’s been going on this week… AT HOLLABACK HQ Emily met with NYC Councilmember Rosenthal this week and also spoke at the “Artists for Action” … Continued

We’re Hiring! #100Days100Dinners and Bystander Intervention Part-Time Program Coordinators!

We’re Hiring! We work to build safe, inclusive public spaces by transforming the culture that perpetuates discrimination and violence. After the breach in our interpersonal relationships that occurred with the 2016 presidential election, through our #100Days100Dinners program we are inviting people to convene potluck dinners to create replenishing and healing spaces that thicken our relationships … Continued