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Week In Our Shoes: Know Your Rights! Edition

Happy Friday Hollabackers! The Hollaback! mothership has been very busy this week. We started the week attending the ROC United rally against sexual harassment in the restaurant industry, where Deputy Director Debjani Roy spoke alongside Saru Jayaram and Eve Ensler. We released the global street harassment Know Your Rights Guide  in conjunction with Thomson Reuters Foundation … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed while dog walking

I was walking my dog and a man yelled out the window of his house “Hey baby, what’s your name?” I kept walking and he yelled “Well fuck you too then, slut.”. What? How am I a slut for walking my dog? [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: “Hey working girl…”

One guy called out to me while I was walking, “hey working girl, come over here.” Ten feet later another said to his friend, “look at the ASS on that girl in the blue dress.” [got_back]

Sage’s Story: Harassed by men in a car

I went for a walk yesterday afternoon in my residential neighborhood to enjoy the beautiful fall day. A car came up behind me, honking the horn obnoxiously. As it passed me, I saw 2 or 3 men inside, and one of them shouted something unintelligible through the open window. Then they sped off…like cowards! I … Continued

Know Your Rights Guide FAQ

Hollaback! is proud to partner with TrustLaw and DLA Piper to provide an international “Know Your Rights” guide to street harassment. The guide establishes legal definitions of street harassment and provides an outline of local laws governing street harassment. The “Know Your Rights” guide is aimed to inform individuals of their rights in public space. … Continued

Know Your Rights Guide

A new report released today offers the first ever global legal resource on street harassment. Led by NGO Hollaback! and the Thomson Reuters Foundation and coordinated by global law firm DLA Piper, the “Know Your Rights” guide compiles the latest legal definitions and information on all forms of street harassment across 22 countries and in … Continued

Week in Our Shoes: Press on Press on Press Edition

Happy Friday Hollaback!’ers! Hollaback sites around the world have been spreading the word through many media outlets! Jessica William’s roundabout map of harassment avoidance. The Hollaback! mothership team was featured in The Daily Show’s segment on street harassment. Correspondent Jessica Williams used biting satire and wit to challenge assumptions on street harassment. Williams even tweeted at … Continued

Michelle Marie’s Story: “Bitches”

“bitches” dude on the street says i am a fucking bitch you a fucking bitch! you ain’t too good for me keep on walk’n bitch! so i keep on walking and walking because it was daylight and my dog was beside me and i had faith, even if small, in witness testimony if dude decided … Continued