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Back-to-Back Hollaback!

I literally just finished posting my last story and it happened again. A gross, unwanted “hello” by a guy who made it a point not to step aside as we were both crossing the same part of the sidewalk so he could get close. The sun is out and street harassment season is definitely here.

Not just a conversation

I was walking down the street with my friend (female) and a guy starts walking alongside us and saying we should all go on a date. I responded with “we don’t want to be harassed” He stopped following us and we kept walking, and as we were walking he said something about how he wasn’t … Continued

Acoso callejero

Cada martes, un poco antes de las 2 de la tarde, paso por este lugar hacia mi trabajo. A esa hora los obreros de varias construcciones al frente y muy cerca de mi lugar de trabajo, almuerzan sentados en la calle ocupando casi 2 cuadras de la calle traslaviña. No tengo otra opcion que pasar … Continued

Now Hiring Summer Interns

We’re looking for two interns to join us this summer to work on Hollaback! communications and our The People’s Supper program! Join us at our downtown Brooklyn office and help us magnify our impact as we work to end harassment in public spaces. Both positions run through August and the estimated time commitment will be … Continued

Homophobic harassment

I was walking with a friend to the playground at tamarac elementary school because we like to sit on the swings and chat and a group of 8 boys around 17/18 years old started yelling offensive homophobic, transphobic slurs at me and my friend, who is also a gay girl, saying things like “kill yourself … Continued