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Harassed at the bus stop

Standing at the bus stop, waiting to go home after a long and tiring day at work. Two young lads in a van honk their horn and shout at me, leaning out their window. It’s a busy street and I’m wearing earphones so I don’t hear exactly what they’re saying, but the gestures one lad … Continued

Harassed & Pushed into the Road

I was coming home at night in a bus. There was a group of young men shouting and singing songs that were pissing me off. I said nothing, but when they stepped off the bus some of them knocked on my window to scare me and started laughing. I was pretty angry at this point, … Continued

Old Man Near College

I currently go to school at the art-institute of Raleigh-Durham. Next to the school is the sal-a-del cafe a barber shop and a shoe shine man named Nick. When Nick first approached me I thought he was just a nice old man that wanted to talk so I would visit him at work and talk … Continued

“I am so sick of being regarded as sub-human”

I was walking to Adelaide train station after work last week and there was an over weight woman running, her hands full of shopping to catch her train. Two young men (in their 20’s) sitting outside the OTR on North Terrace laughed at her and told her to “Run fatty run!”. She called out “Fuck … Continued

A Week in Our Shoes: Fighting for Something Better

Heya hollas! Here’s some news from the hollaverse… AT HOLLABACK HQ Our executive director Emily spoke at Lincoln Center to promote #100Days100Dinners! She also co-hosted a “Bridging Difference” dinner. Debjani, our deputy director, was interviewed by the Womanity Foundation! Check out the article here. Emily spoke at a tele-summit, The Soul of Conflict, about gender … Continued