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Week In Our Shoes: Keeping up the momentum

Hey Hollas!  How the days have sped by at HQ! With Holla::REV London getting closer, we’ve been hard at work getting everything in order. If you’ll be in London on June 23rd, you should join us for our free speaker’s series. Outside of the office, we’ve been bopping around the city talking about street harassment … Continued

CB’s Story: Uncalled for snapshot

I was out walking my dog around 7:30AM while wearing a knee-length dress. As I approach the street corner, I feel something touch the back of my leg. I whip my head around and see a young man with a backpack pulling a phone away from the hem of my dress. I’m stunned for a … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Run to be safe

While walking down the street with my friend we were stopped by the group of three men. One of them groped her. Also, the verbal harassment took place. After we escaped from them they were following us and screaming humiliating phrases. We run into my friend’s house to be safe. [got_back]

Carly’s Story: Sarcasm to cope with harassment

I was walking from my college to a Taco Bell down the street, and this guy shouted out of his car window “Suck my dick!!” Obviously my first response was to chase him down so that I could blow him. [got_back]

chloe’s Story: Uncomfortable in own home

On a regular basis i have felt a sense of someone watching me in my bedroom . The person always leaves some sort of signal such as a flashing light switching on and of everytime i enter the room. I have tried to ignore it but this along with the occasional artefact left outside of … Continued

Nicole’s Story: How she took control

Ladies, I encourage you to find safe and constructive ways of regaining control of street harassment situations. Today, I off the cuff took back control over mine. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but walking past a construction site, I heard from loudly behind me, “Damn girl, you’re looking fiiiiinnnnnne today!” And … Continued

Rowan’s Story: Question their purpose

I’m often in a very happy state of being, and I desire to help others, unless you’re a street harasser. Then, I seem to see red and harass the offender by following him and questioning his purpose in life. And yelling. Lots of yelling….it worked though. He was awful shy when up close, saying things … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Unsafe at school

I was on campus at PCC Sylvania writing in a notebook when a guy who had been following me for a while sat down next to me. He asked me if I wanted to do romantic things with him like “eat pizza or have sex”. He would not go away despite my lying that I … Continued

Laura’s Story: Underage and uncomfortable

I was on a crowded subway on a school field trip where everyone was shoulder to shoulder. I felt a purse pushed up against my butt for a few minutes. It was uncomfortable so I tried to push it away a little and then I realized that it was somebody’s hand cupping my butt. I … Continued