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Paintball D-Bags

A few years ago me and a friend were walking to another friends house at 3 in the morning. A car honked as it passed us, and not being one to take that, I flipped them off. They stopped their car, turned around, rolled down the window and pulled out what looked like a real gun. … Continued


It’s every day. ‘That’s so gay!’ ‘You look gay’. It’s everywhere. And what does it mean? Stupid, different, anything negative. We need to put an end to daily homophobia. [got_back]

Harassed in the movies

I went to the movies by myself, for the first time. There was an older man sitting next to me (looked well-dressed, polished). He looked at me quite a few times, must have noticed I was alone. Five minutes into the movie he started stretching his left leg towards my side so that it slightly … Continued

Slapped by biker

I was walking home from the park and out of nowhere some guy on a bike slapped my rear-end really hard. Without a word, he kept on riding. I was so surprised, by the time I’d even registered what happened, he was too far away for me to do anything. [got_back]

Old man “flirts” in store

I just turned 18 a few months ago but I look really young because of I’m a petite with short hair. So I was shopping with my family. And I was just roaming around this grocery store which was very crowded till these two guys of about 40 years kept following me in the store. … Continued

Group of Dudes

I was walking to work from the bus station right across the street from the public library. There was a small group of guys on some steps across the street from me in the direction I had to walk to work. I’m super socially anxious, so I didn’t look at them even though I could … Continued

Harassed by a car full of guys

My friend and I were walking home from an off-campus party. I was on the outside, near a row of parked cars dimly lit by scant street lights. As we approached a nondescript sedan, one of the windows slid down. “Hey girl, you wanna party?” a young man called out. We didn’t respond and picked … Continued

Flasher in our building

This happened three years ago, when I was in the 8th grade. Honestly just thinking about it now makes me angry. Me, my mom and my younger sister were walking around the apartment complexes (exercising). There were these stairs, and on the stairs was this white male. I didn’t pay attention to him because I … Continued

Jane’s story

Between my best friend’s house and mine there is a building under construction. Whenever a girl passes by, the workers shout and catcall her. That happened to me a few times and so it happened to a lot of other women. We live pretty close so I normally walk there daily, and it’s also my … Continued

Week in Our Shoes: Happy Holidays!

Hey Hollas! At Hollaback! HQ this week we started the last phases of our End of the Year campaign and got ready for the upcoming holidays–this will be our last WIOS until the new year! Metro interviewed Debjani about the increase of sex crimes on the NYC subways, and Fast Company featured Emily in a new piece. And at Hollaback! … Continued