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Week in Our Shoes: Heatwave

What’s up, Hollaback!¬† Things are heating up here at the HQ! The hot and humid air can’t get in our way of keeping the movement going. Here’s some great news: we are hiring two positions here at the HQ! For our Full-time Program and Administrative Assistant, we are looking for someone with strong administrative, communication, … Continued

Mary’s Story: 3rd time is not the charm.

Three instances around the same area in Chelsea: 1. On my way to the mailbox before heading home- Random Guy 1: Hey, I like your sunglasses! Me: Thanks! RG1: Hey, can I ask you a question? Me: Uh? RG1: I’m having a party next weekend, do you want to come? Me: Uh, no that’s okay, … Continued

Michelle’s Story: “it was broad daylight”

While walking down my block next to a bar, I noticed a tall man coming towards me. He then abruptly blocked my path and mumbled something to me. I ignored him and tried to go around him. He then pushed me hard against the building. I screamed and yelled, “What the hell! I didn’t do … Continued

Marisa’s Story: Fearing of the physical.

This has been my last 24 hours in New Orleans: Yesterday, it was over 95 degrees and I dared to wear shorts to a gas station. A man walked up behind me while I was in line, rubbed his hand on my butt and said quietly in my ear, “look at that ass.” I said … Continued

Week in Our Shoes: HQ is Hiring

Hey Hollaback’ers! We’ve been keeping up the momentum at the HQ this Summer as we fight both street and online harassment! Also in HQ news, we are HIRING for 2 new full-time staff positions! There is excitement in the air as Hollaback!¬†expands. If you know anyone who wants to join our team, go for it … Continued

Sara Smith’s Story: Unwanted male attention

Today I was en route home from visiting my brother in Scranton with my mom and my sister. When we were at the gas station, an older lady’s dog had gotten out of her car so naturally I got out and helped her since the dog was in the street. After her dog had been … Continued


I was running with a friend for cross country practice and an old man screamed “looking good ladies!” with a huge smile on his face. We are in high school. [got_back]