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Taelor’s Story: “I felt very alone”

I had a medical appointment in downtown Seattle. It was Valentine’s Day and my fiance was away on deployment with the Navy, so I didn’t get to see him that day. I had expected my dad to come pick me up when I was finished, but he cancelled on me at the last minute, so … Continued

Sam’s Story: “Not the walk I was looking for”

Tonight I decided to go for a walk. It was not my best decision apparently. After being pissed off at a friend of a friend for rape jokes, I needed some air. On my walk, I encountered one man, who was certain I was “his babe” and thought I needed to know how much he … Continued

Tori’s Story: Harassment happens everywhere

Ocean City is supposed to be a “family based town”. The entire island is alcohol free. You’d think just a simple 45 minute distant run would be no problem…nope! I started running for MAYBE 10 seconds but it didn’t matter because the verbal abuse started. I crossed the street and this car full of guys … Continued

Chelsea’s Story: Harassers don’t care how old you are

Apparently men have no age discrimination when it comes to harassment. I was taking a power-walk with my 25 year old sister and my 50-something year old mother. (I’m 22). We were coming up to a house that had three men that look like they were in their early 20’s, all washing the same car. … Continued

Samantha’s Story: Harassment abroad

I spent the last semester abroad in Morocco. I’ve experienced street harassment but never like this. I was living in the medina, or old city, with a family, and every day my walk to and from school was a total battle. I hoped eventually I would get used to it, or the men would give … Continued

Stacie’s Story: Inappropriate

I used to love to run on the Greenline Trail near where I lived in Memphis. The only creepy thing was that it wound right alongside the county jail. On this particular day, not many people were out on the trail, and as I ran by the jail, I was completely alone. Out of the … Continued

MN’s Story: Harassed then followed

I have accepted that public transportation in my city is less than ideal, but my job is good and I don’t have a car, so I deal with it. On the way home, I noticed a guy injecting what I hope was insulin into his belly with a large syringe. He was doing it with … Continued