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Samantha’s Story: Harassed on the way to work

I was walking towards the courtyard of my office building in the middle of downtown. I spot two people, one man and one woman, sitting on one of the benches in the courtyard. I continue towards the building entrance and I notice that the man was angry with the woman. The woman was sitting very … Continued

Sophie’s Story: “Let me get through”

I was on my way back from the cinema with a (male) friend and were just getting to the Triangle. It was a Saturday night and there were a lot of rowdy drunks on the streets. I started to feel slightly apprehensive as I’ve been verbally harassed on the Triangle under the same circumstances before. … Continued

Alma’s Story: Harassment at any age

Today is the gay pride festival in Amsterdam, which is widely celebrated! But every year it gets used as an excuse to party and get drunk, and not as a celebration of acceptance and lgbtq’s. So the vibes on this day are never that great, but I decided to go out for an evening stroll … Continued

Tori’s Story: Groped at work

The clothing we are required to dress in at the clothes store I worked at can be classified as skimpy. They give us these skirts, dresses, and shorts and expect us to climb ladders.  I don’t own a skirt except the one I had to buy for work. I had guys look up my skirt … Continued

Taelor’s Story: “I felt very alone”

I had a medical appointment in downtown Seattle. It was Valentine’s Day and my fiance was away on deployment with the Navy, so I didn’t get to see him that day. I had expected my dad to come pick me up when I was finished, but he cancelled on me at the last minute, so … Continued

Sam’s Story: “Not the walk I was looking for”

Tonight I decided to go for a walk. It was not my best decision apparently. After being pissed off at a friend of a friend for rape jokes, I needed some air. On my walk, I encountered one man, who was certain I was “his babe” and thought I needed to know how much he … Continued

Tori’s Story: Harassment happens everywhere

Ocean City is supposed to be a “family based town”. The entire island is alcohol free. You’d think just a simple 45 minute distant run would be no problem…nope! I started running for MAYBE 10 seconds but it didn’t matter because the verbal abuse started. I crossed the street and this car full of guys … Continued

Chelsea’s Story: Harassers don’t care how old you are

Apparently men have no age discrimination when it comes to harassment. I was taking a power-walk with my 25 year old sister and my 50-something year old mother. (I’m 22). We were coming up to a house that had three men that look like they were in their early 20’s, all washing the same car. … Continued