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Airport Scanner Agents Target Female Travelers

BY VICTORIA TRAVERS The TSA, the government body responsible for protecting the nation’s transportation systems to ensure safe travel, have received several complaints from women who claim to have been targeted by airport screeners to view their bodies. According to online magazine, Ellen Terrell, who travelled from Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport told CBS News … Continued

Rene’s Story: Don’t throw your trash at me

Walking home from campus, early evening (5:00ish), I was approaching the intersection of 14th & Mass. A white Jimmy SUV full of boys slowed down and yelled “I’d tap that fat ass!” then threw a Sonic cup full of something (I hope to God it was water) at me, then sped off. Didn’t get a … Continued

Turkey: Female Judge Takes a Vacation and Rapists Walk Free

BY CATHERINE FAVORITE A 24-year-old rapist has escaped a prison sentence in Turkey while the only female judge was on leave on the grounds that the sex was consensual because the victim did not scream. For two years, the woman, who is a mentally disabled widow and mother, was raped by her neighbor, who threatened … Continued

Let’s Oust Homophobic Chicken Franchise at NYU!

BY CATHERINE FAVORITE Chick-Fil-A, the American chicken restaurant has made quite a name for itself of late and it’s not for their chicken strips. Via the restaurant chain’s charity, WinShape, the organization has donated over $2 million to groups that promote anti-gay rhetoric, such as Focus On The Family, Exodus International and the Family Research … Continued

Do the words “Felony Assault” Mean Anything to the Grammys?

BY ADMIN Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg summed up the Chris Brown’s/Grammys debacle perfectly on Twitter last weekend when he said: “Chris Brown? I don’t look to the Grammys for moral clarity, but, really? Do the words ‘felony assault’ mean anything at all?” And The Atlantic writer is not the only person that feels this way. The … Continued

Interview: Meet One of the Minds Behind the bSafe Smart Phone App

BY CATHERINE FAVORITE We had a chance to pick the brain of one of the business minds behind the bSafe smart phone app, Nils Knagenhjelm. Created by Bipper, (the makers of smart phone safety apps), “bSafe”, among other things, allows the user to alert selected contacts of their whereabouts, in case they find themselves in a … Continued

Rachel G.’s story: What gives them that right?

On top of being a full time student, I have a part time job at my university. On one Monday morning that had already been difficult for me, I was walking around a building on campus running errands for my boss when I walked by two guys sitting on a bench. I heard one of … Continued

Activism Works! Target Stalker Card Goes Bye-Bye

BY VICTORIA TRAVERS On Thursday we published an article condemning a Target Valentine’s card that trivialized stalking and urged readers to sign the Care2 petition against it. The following day target announced that they would be pulling the card from their shelves. Target spokesperson, Kristy Welker wrote in an email to Forbes: “It is never … Continued

A Week in Our Shoes: 2/10/12

BY EMILY MAY Hello Hollaback! supporters and revolutionaries! Take a look at this week ‘s HOLLAnews and updates with our latest installment: – Awesome Collaborations: We spent the week hanging out with Jenn Sayre and Marigail Sexton from national bystander campaign, Greendot, hammering out our collaboration with them, which will include trainings on how to … Continued

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month!

This is your opportunity to use your time, hands, feet, voice and general awesomeness to raise awareness of teen dating violence in the month of February! The statistics featured on the Teen-Dating Violence Awareness Month website are staggering: One in three teens in the US is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from … Continued