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Wonder Woman!

Comic by Shakesville contributor Aphra Behn                                                

Lisa’s Story: Bookbag Douchebag

I live in a town that discriminates against women. Without knowing this, I moved up here to pursue my B.A. I can’t afford a car, it’s insurance, or gas money so I take the bus. I have a lot of classes, so my book bag gets some weight on it. The other day a man … Continued

Chelsea’s Story: Take the Power Back!

I was at the store when a guy walking towards me stared at me and said, “DAY’UMMM!”. He then began to theatrically look me up and down and stare at my backside. I looked him right in the eyes and said, “No! You’re being rude and I don’t like it. It isn’t flattering and you’re … Continued

HOLLAWho? Meet Berlin.

Meet Julia Brilling, Hollaback! Berlin site leader. Interview conducted by Lauren Bedosky When did you start your holla? I started my/our holla in 2011 with my friend Claudia after coming across the Hollaback! London site. We just knew “WE NEED THIS HERE” and so we did. Why start a HOLLA and what does Hollaback mean … Continued

New App Helping LGBT Youth Brings History to Life!

A new mobile app called LGBToday will engage the LGBT community in their shared history and help isolated LGBT youth feel less alone. The creator of the project, Sarah Prager, says that LGBT history helped her through the darkest parts of her life: “Knowing that people like the Stonewall rioters put their lives on the … Continued

Week In Our Shoes: WE’RE ON FIRE!

Hey everyone– This week here in New York City, a young gay man was approached and beaten by six strangers on the subway. The incident happened on a train car FULL of people who did nothing to help him. You can read Laura’s statement here about the tragic incident. The six-on-one public beating that began … Continued

One Gay Man Holla’s Back, While Another Lands in Hospital

by Lauren Bedosky, HollaBlogger Recently, two incidents have occurred aboard the New York City subway system. The first occurred February 16, and might not have come to light had a passenger not uploaded a video recording on YouTube of a preacher shouting anti-gay propaganda to a subway car full of people. In the video, you … Continued