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Late Night Street Harassers Attack Bystanders Off-Campus

By Rita Pasarell Just before 2am on Sunday, outside of the UC Berkeley Campus in California, two men began street harassing two women. Two other nearby men saw the creepy behavior, decided to be awesome brave bystanders (thank you!!), and asked the harassers to stop. What happened next is yet another piece of evidence that … Continued

HOLLAWho? Meet Brussels.

Meet Ingrid from Hollaback! Brussels (she is wearing the long flowery dress in the photo) Interview by Lauren Bedosky   When did you start your holla? Our Hollaback! started right after the Brussels’ Slutwalk in September 2011, launched unintentionally in March 2012 and officially in April 2012. Why did you start a HOLLA and what does … Continued

Wonder Woman!

Comic by Shakesville contributor Aphra Behn                                                

Lisa’s Story: Bookbag Douchebag

I live in a town that discriminates against women. Without knowing this, I moved up here to pursue my B.A. I can’t afford a car, it’s insurance, or gas money so I take the bus. I have a lot of classes, so my book bag gets some weight on it. The other day a man … Continued

Chelsea’s Story: Take the Power Back!

I was at the store when a guy walking towards me stared at me and said, “DAY’UMMM!”. He then began to theatrically look me up and down and stare at my backside. I looked him right in the eyes and said, “No! You’re being rude and I don’t like it. It isn’t flattering and you’re … Continued

HOLLAWho? Meet Berlin.

Meet Julia Brilling, Hollaback! Berlin site leader. Interview conducted by Lauren Bedosky When did you start your holla? I started my/our holla in 2011 with my friend Claudia after coming across the Hollaback! London site. We just knew “WE NEED THIS HERE” and so we did. Why start a HOLLA and what does Hollaback mean … Continued