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Liz’s Story: This Married Mom Sends a Creep On His Way

Today I was stalked by an older man, when I was walking to the park with my toddler. I felt something off when I passed him on the street. After I had been at the playground for 10 minutes, the guy rides up on his bike. What I had suspected was confirmed. He approaches me, … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: DENIM DAY!

Hollaback! is all over the beautiful Aiden Murray photography blog for our amazing chalk walking this month. Also, Hollaback! and I got an awesome shout out in the Los Angles Times this week! Hollaback! NYC hosted a very successful clothing swap this week. Hollas and allies swapped clothing and raised some holla-funds while also collecting … Continued

Kristin’s Story: “I screamed on the top of my lungs”

My friend came home tonight terrified and told me that she had just run home after being pursued by a man who tried to get her in his car. I thought the community of Lacey, WA and Olympia, WA should know about this so we can catch the guy who tried to take her. “Walking … Continued

Deputy Director Debjani Roy Speaks Out in the Huffington Post

Hollaback!’s Deputy Director, Debjani Roy, wrote an amazing op-ed in the Huffington Post┬álast week discussing criminalization and street harassment. ┬áCheck it out below! ** “When it comes to combating street harassment, increasing criminalization is not the answer. I have been working as an advocate to end gender-based violence for 10 years with a focus on … Continued

Megan’s Story: Non-stop harassment

walking to the supermarket (15 minutes) in thick tights and a jumper. a man went ‘mmm’ as i walked past him, a van full of men and a car full of men both gawked at me and turned to stare at me, a car full of boys yelled at me, and a man in a … Continued

Jen’s Story: Offers for rides

About 1PM I got off the bus and began to walk home with my groceries. A car with at least 2 men slowed down, and yelled that they wanted to give me a ride. I avoided eye contact, and waived them off. Offers for rides are especially upsetting, because of the implied threat: that they … Continued

Jen’s Story: “I hate these situations”

About 9AM, I crossed the street as two men crossed in the opposite direction. As they passed, I avoided eye contact. One said “good morning, sister,” and I ignored it. He said hello again. When he realized that I was not going to respond, he yelled a veiled threat: “Don’t trip on the curb.” I … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Take it up with security, sir

A middle-age man yelled something at me while I had my headphones on walking into work. When I looked around to see who was yelling, he leaned on his cane and nodded his head creepily at me like, “Yeah, I said it.” I mentioned it to the security guard and he said they knew exactly … Continued