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Drive by comments on my appearance and cat-calls. Was SO CLOSE to making it home today without being harassed! [got_back]

Week in Our Shoes: Nine New Sites Edition!

Happy weekend Hollas,   This week at the Headquarters, we are celebrating the leadership of nine new Hollaback! sites! These teams have gone through intensive training and community outreach and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next. Join us in welcoming leading thinkers and movement makers in Costa Rica, Detroit, USA, Jakarta, Indonesia, Lawrence, KS, USA, Madrid, Spain, Oslo, … Continued

Nine New Hollaback! Sites Launch Today!

We are so excited to announce that nine new Hollaback! sites are launching today! These sites leaders and teams have completed Hollaback’!s intensive leadership and organizing training, running since January. They’re ready to lead local events, campaigns, and actions – and they’re coming to a town near you. Join us in giving a big welcome … Continued

Liz’s Story: “Put some clothes on”

I was walking outside 878 Main Street in Lafayette, Indiana around 3 PM when a man in a car drove by and screamed “put some fucking clothing on, you whore!” Not that it matters, but I was wearing jeans and a tank top. [got_back]

HeartMob Wins “Best New Product” at Netroots Nation!

This Saturday, HeartMob was voted “Best New Product” at the Netroots Nation New Tools Shout Out! We couldn’t be more happy to receive this tremendous honor so early in HeartMob’s development.   Can you do us a favor and help us spread the good news? Retweet this link.   If you’ve never heard of Netroots … Continued

They didn’t know, and I think that is pathetic.

During my freshman year of college, I had to take one of my art classes at night, much to my mother’s dismay. This meant walking home in the dark twice a week. My boyfriend wanted me to be safer, so he would pick me up and walk me home, his broad 6’3”stature giving me instant … Continued

Week in Our Shoes: Summer movement edition!

Happy weekend Hollas,   This week at the Headquarters, we’ve been running to and from conferences, trainings, and more! Emily’s representing Hollaback! at Netroots Nation – you can follow the conversation (and add your voice) here. Debjani’s pushing the movement forward at the Juno Women’s Leadership Residency in Omega, a residency for “women making a difference in … Continued

Hollaback! Collective Statement on Brexit Vote

On the 23rd of June 2016, the British public voted in favour of the UK leaving the European Union. Since then, there has been a growing sense of discomfort among migrants and BAME communities in the UK, both due to political uncertainty and a rise in racist/xenophobic attacks. Additionally, conservative and far right movements across … Continued

Zero Tolerance

I have a “don’t mess with me” line, and this guy officially crossed it. I was waiting at the bus stop when he approached me and said “You’re pretty”. I glared and looked the other way. He stood over me and continued aggresively flirting (asserting his previous comment, saying “Wanna ride with me?”). Once he … Continued

Unsafe in my own neighborhood

I have lived in this area for years and have been out late at night a significant amount of time since I used to work nights as a pedicabber downtown. I have been harassed verbally and physically numerous times at work but I was always in a position to end an interaction by kicking a … Continued