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HOLLA ON THE GO: “I think about his comment everyday”

I was wearing a black tank top without a bra. I passed one man on the street and he said “you have beautiful nipples baby!” He continued furiously ogling me as I walked past. A woman next to him started laughing. I didn’t say anything. I felt so disgusted I haven’t gone braless since. I … Continued

Walking down the beach

I was walking down to the beach to meet my friends family. I wasn’t wearing anything revealing (long sleeve shirt and jean shorts). 2 men were smirking and said “hey gorgeous what are you doing tonight?” They were obviously drinking/drunk and looked as if they were in they’re twenties. IM 14. I didn’t respond I … Continued

Amy’s Story

“Hey there, would you like to buy this paper for $1?” “No, thanks.” “I really like your shirt. It accentuates your bold and beautiful breasts.” [got_back]

Laura’s Story: Harassed Biking to Work

I was riding my bike from work and as I was approaching a round about, I heard a motorcycle. I waited for it to pass me, but since it did not I rode on when all of a sudden I hear “Well, either to the left or to the right!!!” I slowed down and saw … Continued

Harassment on Campus

It’s sad to say I’ve become accustomed to being catcalled, especially on my university’s campus. I could share so many stories about how I am approached in classes or on the street when I just want to be left alone. One of my guy friends doesn’t think it’s a big deal. He’ll always say that … Continued

Deirdre’s Story: “I feel powerless”

I was taking a stroll to check out an area of Geneva that I was considering living in. It was 7pm on a sunny summer day. As I was taking a stroll along the river, I passed a group of men, one of which looked pointedly at me and started to walk slowly and menacingly … Continued

Week in Our Shoes: Events and Features from Around the World!

Hi Hollas! Here at the HQ, we’ve been stewing in the heatwave–but that doesn’t stop us from forging ahead in building this movement to end street and online harassment! Despite the sweltering weather we’re very excited to be planning and prepping for the Fall. Meet our new Communications Intern Lucy, a recent grad from UC Berkeley!  … Continued