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“Cat called… every night”

Cat called every night when I walk my dog half a block to the park. Makes me feel annoyed, embarrassed, sad, tired, afraid, and confused.

Harassed On-Campus

Almost every time I walk from my on-campus apartment (Campus Town East) to Cudahy Hall, a few blocks away, I get verbally harassed. Usually it’s because I made the mistake of politely smiling at someone. Now I try to avoid any contact with people when I’m on the street. I feel less and less comfortable … Continued

“I was catcalled, sexualized and humiliated several times”

I normally don’t wear crop tops but today I felt a bit confident and in less than an hour I was catcalled, sexualized and humiliated several times. My self esteem dropped every time. I began feeling more and more self conscious. Naturally, I called my friend so I wouldn’t get noticed as much but that … Continued

I regret being so polite

I was walking home from the subway and a man was walking toward me, carrying two duffle bags, one on each shoulder. We were walking straight towards each other. I moved a little to my right to get out of his way but he didn’t move at all and one of his bags hit me … Continued

scary, unsettling, upsetting, and demeaning

I stepped out of my office for a quick break just now and while I crossed the street in the crosswalk, a man running a light on a bike cut me off super super close, leaned in to my face and leered “maaaammiiiii” while making skeevy eye contact. It was startling and frustrating, especially because … Continued

1 Walk, 3 ‘Catcalls’

Decided to go on a nice walk from Ballard to REI in South Lake Union. Along the way, got catcalled, leered at, and “Heyy’ed” at at least 3 times. Figured I’d just bundle them all into one story..

Public Harassment & Failed Bystander Intervention

At the Yellowstone Art Museum. A guy about 5’11” with collar length hair, skull on his black tshirt, heavier build and a skinny guy with red hair and beard in a white tank top and their other male friend chased me into the parking lot yelling that they wanted to “fuck my pussy until it … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: The Resistance Continues

Hey Holla-verse! Hope the summer is treating you well and you’re taking time for yourself! In the meantime, we’re excited to share all that we’ve been up to here in NYC and all over the world! AT HOLLABACK HQ Yesterday, we hosted an in-person bystander intervention training co-sponsored by WAM-NYC at Brooklyn Public Library. We … Continued