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Now Hiring Summer Interns

We’re looking for two interns to join us this summer to work on Hollaback! communications and our #100Days100Dinners program! Join us at our downtown Brooklyn office and help us magnify our impact as we work to end harassment in public spaces. Both positions run through August and the estimated time commitment will be 16-20 hours … Continued

Homophobic harassment

I was walking with a friend to the playground at tamarac elementary school because we like to sit on the swings and chat and a group of 8 boys around 17/18 years old started yelling offensive homophobic, transphobic slurs at me and my friend, who is also a gay girl, saying things like “kill yourself … Continued

Harassed for Body Hair

I get harassed when I go into public with my hairy legs and armpits. It’s makes me sad to see people being so hateful over something that shouldn’t even be relevant. It’s just HAIR!! Body hair is normal/natural/beautiful and it makes me feel comfortable within myself, and that is what it is about. Hair removal … Continued

I was 11

I was 11. In my middle school it had been cold, so I had these black fluffy pants that were tight (they did not feel tight), but I had my books, and a kid I knew since kindergarten yelled at me something like ooo or yummy like I was cake. I got home and ran … Continued

We’re Hiring!

Hollaback! HQ in Brooklyn is currently hiring for three positions! Join our team as #100Days100Dinners Program Evaluator, #100Days100Dinners Part-Time Program Coordinator, or Bystander Intervention Part-Time Program Coordinator. All positions are open until filled. Apply today!                              

Harassed while walking home

I was walking home at midnight on Friday. A couple of guys were approaching and I was just waiting for them to say something. They said, “Hey Sexy” and mumbled some other things. I screamed, “STOP IT.” They laughed. I shouted, “Be a better person and stop being such a fucking loser!” They shouted, “Oh … Continued