Public Harassment: I went to get my nails done…

Yesterday, I went to get my nails done with a friend and afterwards she dropped me off at the metro station. I was meeting another friend for dinner, but she was about 20 minutes away. I decided to wait for her inside the station because I thought it would be safer than waiting on the street corner, so I went down to the platform and sat at one end of a long bench. As I was waiting, a man sat down beside me.

The platform was pretty empty and there were plenty of other places for him to sit, so I was already a little wary. I am pretty short and I am a lesbian, so all attention from men I don’t know is unwanted and can feel threatening. I usually dress more masculine, but that day I happened to be wearing a dress, and I had the irrational thought that I was attracting more attention because I had chosen to get glittery nails that day. I tried to ignore him and had my headphones on and was texting my friend who was on the way. A couple of trains passed and he did not get on and started to move closer to me until he was right next to me. I tried not to look at him but he didn’t take the hint and put his arm around me and touched my shoulders. I told him “No! I am waiting for someone!” I grabbed my bag and stood up and put distance between us. I got my keys out of my pocket, to let him know that I cary mace. Luckily he did not approach me further, only kept watching me. He got on the next train that came and I didn’t see him again.

I was afraid to leave the platform by myself in case someone tried to follow me, so I waited there for my friend to arrive. I didn’t tell the metro security right away because I just wanted him to leave me alone and go away. But today I decided to report it to the metro because I know they have to keep track of statistics like this. The security guard said that it sounded like the kind of guy who does this a lot, and encouraged me to file a police report so they can look at the cameras. Now I am feeling conflicted because I don’t really want to get the cops involved, but my fear is that if I don’t report it, he will get more bold with someone else and touch them inappropriately. 🙁