Public Harassment: A wonderful project manager…

A wonderful project manager for my home remodel worked for a new contractor after my previous contractor shut down. This project manager told his new boss about my project and that I (person with an ethnic last name) would like a bid. The new boss said no and a few weeks went by.

The project manager finally got his new boss to make an appointment. I took off work and met them at my home. His new boss took one look at me, shook his head, and said no. He got in his truck and took off. The white project manager swore that his new white boss wasn’t racist, but could not explain his behavior.

Back at work I told two white coworkers about the incident. I left momentarily and when I returned I found them rolling their eyeballs and talking about how stupid I was and how no one thinks stuff like that really happened.

I wish my project manager could see the truth and help make change. I wish my coworkers would listen and understand how stressful some situations are for POC.