Public Harassment: I went into the lobby of a small hotel to check-in…

I went into the lobby of a small hotel to check-in. There was already a man at the desk, so I stood back to wait my turn. As the man finished and walked-away, I saw him looking me over in a way that made me very uncomfortable. I ignored him and avoided eye contact, but he persisted in giving me unwanted attention as he exited the lobby. I checked in, then intentionally waited in my car and walked my dog to put some time between the unwanted-attention guy and myself before proceeding to my room, which was on the backside of the hotel.

Even though I waited 15 to 20 minutes, to my dismay the guy was in the parking lot, apparently waiting for me. He was watching me as I pulled in, so I turned around and went right back to the check-in desk to get a different room on the other side of the hotel. As a 75 year-old woman, I’ve had enough unwanted attention in the course of my life to trust my gut feelings; this guy gave me the creeps.