Public Harassment: I was on my way home…

I was on my way home from the dentist yesterday when I decided to stop at the dollar tree to get a few little Christmas items. Not that my choice of clothing matters, but for the record I was wearing a baggy collard shirt, no makeup and pants. As I was browsing I notice a man intently staring at me and when I looked over at him he licked his lips and made comments about my appearance while looking all over my body. I turned down another aisle to get away from his gaze and then decided it best to just check out.

As I waited in the check out aisle I see that he’s already purchased his items and is standing at the front of the store with his eyes on me. The woman in front of me was dealing with a return issue and fortunately her service was taking a long time to get handled. The man leaves the store and starts walking to the parking lot and then turns to face the store, waiting. I thought about asking someone to walk me out, but there were only two elderly women in the store and I knew my car was parked near the front of the store, so I decided to book it. I walked out and when he saw me he started walking towards the store and I ran to my car, locked the door and quickly pulled out.

I’ve replayed the situation in my head multiple times and I’m certain he had ill intentions in waiting for me. I vowed to myself to never let the “discomfort” of asking for help overcome a situation where I’m in potential danger. This all happened at 11am, broad daylight. It’s so unfair.