Public Harassment: This happened a couple of years ago…

Although this happened a couple of years ago, this has been my only opportunity to tell my story. I was in high school and was walking home from school. I was a block away when I passed a car with a guy waiting inside, as I kept on walking I hear him call out, “Nice rack!”. I instantly felt grossed out but I hated that I felt embarassed—why should I? That guy should be embarrassed, not me! I also had a tank top on and I felt it was my fault for what he had said, like I was flaunting it or something — ugh I hated that he had that much power. Especially around my age, where I felt self conscious enough, it did not help at all.

But the story does continue, the next morning as I was leaving my house to go off to school I saw the same car with the same guy in it. He slowed down and looked out his window — he didn’t say anything but I still felt uneasy. He then all of a sudden sped up and I stayed standing there extremely freaked out and scared. I’m glad I found this opportunity to finally speak out about what happened.