Public Harassment: I was on my way to a shop to buy a book…

I was on my way to a shop to buy a book.The shop is kinda near my house. It was getting pretty dark because of the rain. It was like 5:30 pm. So I was walking and 2 men were standing outside a house in the neighbourhood. When I passed by they made a sound through their teeth you know a sucking type sound. It wasn’t that loud too.. So I thought it wasn’t a big deal. Then when I was on my way back the same guys started whistling at me i.e catcalling.

The worst part is that they did that in front of a kid and even in the nearby houses two elderly women were there and still they did it. I mean imagine the nerves to do that in front of a kid. Is this what the soceity is teaching the kids. So when I heard the catcalling I ignored them and walked off. I was filled with anger and fright. I was so scared that when they were out of sight I ran as fast as I could because I was afraid they’d follow me.