Public Harassment: Walking home from my grad school…

Walking home from my grad school night classes is always a little nerve-wracking. Last night validated that fear.

As soon as I turned onto my street, my quiet, safe street, a huge white SUV made the turn with me. For the length of my walk the SUV drove slowly next to me. The driver rolled down the window and started to ask me what was wrong, if I needed a ride, can he have my name. I tried to ignore him at first but he just kept persisting. I finally said, “No. I’m fine.” Surprise, surprise, that didn’t stop him.

I was praying that he would leave me alone before I got to my apartment so I wouldn’t have to decide to go in or not. At last- he drove off and after I made sure he turned off the street I sprinted to my apartment. Pretty sick of feeling scared all the time.