Public Harassment: I was on holiday in America…

I was on holiday in America and me, my friend, and my boyfriend were just sitting on the dock watching the setting sun, sitting with our feet in the cool water. It had been a great day.

Then the cabin to the right of us was being used for a party. A group of people were arriving two days before we were leaving. My boyfriend kissed me on the cheek and said ”me love you,” a running joke we had, and I heard, “aww faggot love,” then a load of drunk catcalls. I reckon they all started to join in things like, “how do you like my ass” and “suck this you fag” for the rest of the holiday we had.

We took our rented canoes out and stayed on the other side of the lake. Then we got our friend to drive us back. After the second night we tried sailing back, but the bastards used their speed boat to tip us over so we got our friends to drive us back. It’s days like that when I actually feel like I’m surely different in a bad way. I’ll never forget that summer.