Public Harassment: When I was a sophomore…

When I was a sophomore in high school, my close friend and I were at a busy intersection standing together holding signs (I think it was for a carwash, but who cares). She was a tomboy and not particularly feminine, and both of us were wearing longer shorts and t-shirts.

As we were standing there, a car pulled up with a young couple (a man and a woman) inside. They honked at us to get our attention, and then stuck their tongues in between their first and second fingers to make a crude reference to lesbian sex. We were both 15.

I remember feeling sick and trying to disassociate with my friend after that.

I am bisexual and unashamed of that, but I realized that after five long years of soul-searching. I can’t believe that anyone would feel like treating someone else that way would be appropriate or funny.

Even now I wish I had said something to them, and I can only hope they aren’t as homophobic and lewd as they were then.