Public Harassment: I was playing around in the nature preserve…

10/10: I was playing around in the nature preserve near Appalachian State. Suddenly, from the trail below the main trail, a man with a blue shirt ripped jeans, and a Walmart bag full of items walks up the trail. I say ‘Hello’ to him and I sit down and enjoy nature. He takes out a cigarette and smokes, then sits down and looks at his phone. He said he lives down from nature preserve.

My sixth sense tells me to go away, so I walk up the trail and look at nature some more. He tells me something about how big the pond should have looked and I just enjoy nature. I was not for sure if doing nothing was alright. He goes up the trail and starts talking and saying vulgar things and mentions ‘what a hard-a**’ and ‘I wanna suck your d***’. Then, I used my adrenaline that was building up and ran as far as I could away from him.

I run up the mountain and then down the steepest side of the mountain and I am oriented near the tennis courts. I walk downhill with situational awareness and I rest near a residence hall. I see him again and run to the parking deck and down the stairs and never see him again. I had mud on my clothes and shoes. Also, I had scrapes and cuts on my legs from the bushes / Rhodenreon / Mountain Laurel. I would advise people to have a weapon, communication device, or a friend in the woods. Bigfoot, bears, broken ankles, and weather are not the only dangers, people are crazy in the Appalachian mountains sometimes.