Public Harassment: I was standing on a busy street corner…

I was standing on a busy street corner, waiting to use a crosswalk when I noticed a guy in a car near me had rolled down his window and was staring at me. He had this disgusting look in his eye, as if I was a piece of meat. When I looked back, he began to wave at me all slow and weird. I stayed still. He had a friend in the passenger seat next to him who (I’m fairly certain) yelled something at me, but because I’d had both earbuds in, I have no clue what was said. As the light turned green and they began to drive away, I saw both heads turn back to look at me, as if they expected me to do or say something.

The whole walk home, I was pissed. I couldn’t stop thinking about how no matter what I do, how I dress, or how I act, I will always be a sexual being in the eyes of misogynists.

What’s worse, I had to keep looking behind me just to make sure I wasn’t being stalked or followed home.

Keep in mind: I’m fourteen. The sleazy people in the vehicle looked like they were in their twenties. Somehow, though, I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones. This was my first time having something like this happen to me. I’ve heard of girls as young as eight or nine years old being verbally sexually harassed in public. Awful.

The takeaway: I want people to know that being harassed is never, ever, a fucking compliment.