Public Harassment: I see a young guy semi-regularly…

I see a young guy semi-regularly who carries a trash bag who looks me up and down and makes comments about coming to his place. He seems to recognize me each time. I’ve tried ignoring him or laughing it off but of course he kept doing the same thing. Finally, I yelled loudly at him to leave me alone and to fuck off. He almost looked like he was laughing at me but the next couple of times I have seen him he hasn’t done it. Not sure if he isn’t seeing me or yelling worked.
That all happened after another incident where a man got into my face around the same location and asked if I wanted to fuck him. I think he was about to touch me from behind until a brave woman started yelling at him not to touch me. Could have been the same guy but I’m not sure. I was too shocked to really look at him closely.